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The Time-Space Forum, serving as a medium for interesting discussions to be had..
Introduce yourself here, let us know what you do, what you dream, what hobbies you truly care about. It's okay to get some recognition, right?
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by ifuzonub
1 week 1 day ago
Discussions on the theories, mechanics, dynamics, physics and field on a quantum level
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by idybeti
2 weeks 4 days ago
Talk about repairing and reprogramming our DNA, understanding our Morphogenic Field, and working science of wave-genetics
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by obahyjeq
2 days 4 hours ago
Connecting to the All-Knowing, the Universal-Oneness, the Human-Information Interweb, the Akashic Holographic Libraries, etc.
8 Topics 3 Replies
by JamesNit
14 hours 3 minutes ago
The hitchhiker's guide to the universe. How can us potentially smart humans explore the infinite more efficiently than NASA has us flying around?
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by ycivase
2 weeks 3 days ago
Science Fiction is one thing, but reality tells another tale of destined possibilities.
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by iqamenupu
2 days 9 hours ago
How'd it all get here? Where did all this chaos begin? When will infinity stop?
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by aqejubu
1 week 1 day ago
Explore the geometrical significance of the Flower of Life, with all it's hidden multi-dimensional mystery. The whole goes deep.
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by ejepyma
4 days 20 hours ago
We listen to the static of the universe, we hear the sounds of nature, we auditorialize cosmic music, we vibrate on a huge spectrum.
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by oqyhi
1 week 7 hours ago
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